SWITCH: Switches are a special type of hub that offers an additional
   layer of intelligence to basic, physical-layer repeater hubs. A switch
   must be able to read the MAC (Media Access Control) address of each    frame it receives. This information allows switches to repeat incoming
   data frames only to the computer or computers to which a frame is    addressed.

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   SERVER: A server is a system (software and
   suitable computer hardware) that responds to
   requests across a computer network to provide,
   or help to provide, a network service.

   ATTENDANCE: Time & Attendance    recording system.



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   WIDE AREA NETWORK (WAN): A communications
   network that uses such devices as telephone lines,
   satellite dishes, or radio waves to span a larger
   geographic area than can be covered by a LAN
   (Local Area Network).

   used for printing, scanning and
   photocopying documents through
   LAN (Local Area Network).

   COMPUTER: A personal
   computer for general / office

   DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER (DVR): A Digital Video    Recorder (DVR) records videos or information on a
   hard drive for later viewing.

   ADAPTER: A network adapter is 
   a device that allows computers to    communicate over a network.

   FAX : For sending documents
   over a telephone line.

   CAMERAS: A system of Closed
   Circuit Television (CCTV) system

   (IP PBX):
PBX is a system that connects telephone extensions    of a company to outside public telephone network as well as to    mobile networks.

   IP PHONE:  A phone that sends traffic over a     TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet    Protocol) network. IP phones are typically used    for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)    applications.

   ROUTER: Routers Are networking devices used to extend
   or segment networks by forwarding packets from one logical
   network to another. Routers are most often used in large
   internetworks that use the TCP/IP (Transmission Control    Protocol/Internet Protocol) protocol suite and for connecting
   TCP/IP hosts and LANs (Local Area Networks) to the Internet
   using dedicated leased lines.

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